TesTing Information

The following information will assist you, the student with testing requirements for each colored belt rank:

Colored Belt testing is scheduled on the last class of each month and begins at the start of the night. Underhill class begins at 6:15pm and Burlington class begins at 6:00pm

All students who are eligible to test will be posted on a “pre-testing” list at the beginning of the month. All students must complete 3 incentive stripe testing prior to being put on the final testing roster for the end of the month. If you do not have all 3 incentive stripes you will not test for your next rank. Additionally, please keep in mind that it is considered very disrespectful to ask when you are testing. When it is time to test, we will let you know.



  • Minimum of 36 classes attended prior to the start of the next testing month. For example, if you are scheduled to test in January, you must have met the class minimum before January 1st to be considered eligible to test at the end of January.
  • Class attendance is not the sole deciding factor to be eligible to test. Consistent class participation, strong work ethic, positive attitude, and attendance are required as well as having completed all 3 incentive stripe tests.
  • INCENTIVE STRIPE #1 – this is earned when the student learns their newest pattern for the next rank.
  • INCENTIVE STRIPE  #2 – this is earned after your name appears on the pre-testing roster. The student is responsible for all technical knowledge from current and previous goal sheets such as pattern definitions, tenets, etc. You will be asked random questions from your goal sheets. Failure to recall the technical knowledge will result in not receiving their incentive stripe. The student will have to wait until the next testing.
  • INCENTIVE STRIPE #3 – This is earned only after you can demonstrate every pattern that you are responsible for including Kibons. If the student can’t perform all patterns from previous ranks, this will result in not receiving their incentive stripe. The student will have to wait until the next testing.


  • Same requirements listed above with classes totaling 56 instead of 36 classes.