Our students and families are proud of our school. Here are just a handful of examples of what they have to say about        Yordan's Black Belt Academy:

"YBBA has been a great experience for our family, we all look forward to class and enjoy the positive environment and the training.  Master Yordan is an excellent teacher and relates very well to all of the students, especially the children.  The number of teachers per student is incredible with so many black belts attending every beginner level class.  As parents, joining YBBA has been one of our best decisions." - Grant Linnell

"YBBA has been a changing force in my son's confidence and self esteem. The whole team, including instructors, masters, and  student body have been key roles and role models in his development into a great young man. We can't thank YBBA enough for the their camaraderie and leadership" - Steve Schwartz

 "Master Yordan and YBBA helped build my son's confidence and self-esteem. We love the supportive team atmosphere and the drive to do well together!" - Kathleen Bradshaw

"The 5 Tenants of Taekwondo are: Self Control, Perseverance, Integrity, Courtesy, and Indomitable Spirit. These traits taught to me by Master Yordan are what allowed me to fully recover after a near fatal stroke. If not for these abilities, I never would have fought to regain what I once was." - Glen Stafford

"We are a new family to YBBA.  Right away we experienced that YBBA is more than an "activity", it's a community of like minded people supporting confidence, growth, and learning respect of self and others. My eight year old son is already standing taller in his little body and feeling incredibly proud about his weekly accomplishments in YBBA." - Megan Waite

"My daughter and I are so happy that we can train together in the same class at YBBA.  Training with Master Yordan has improved my strength and flexibility as well as my daughter's ability to focus in school and remain level headed in stressful situations. YBBA has fostered a bond between my child and me that we will enjoy for years to come." - Jennifer Skinner-Cisse

"As a parent of a student, and student myself, I have witnessed first hand my daughter's growth in confidence, capabilities, and martial arts skill. YBBA is more than a Taekwondo studio, it is a community, in fact it is a family that cares deeply about and for all its members". - Briar Alpert

"YBBA for me is the joy of spending time with my Girls and watching them grow in confidence and integrity." - Paul Gillis

"Training with YBBA helps me be the strongest person I can be (body, mind, & spirit), plain and simple." - Holly HauxJeffers

"If it takes a village to raise a child, Master Yordan gets our vote as chief. While, every member of our family has enjoyed and benefited from being challenged to rise above ourselves, it is Master Y's gift for quietly compelling the respect and adoration of our most, well, boisterous family member that is so impressive. By creating an environment where respect and manners are married to physicality and fun, he reinforces our parenting, and challenges us to rise above in that realm as well. Kamsahamnida Thank you" - Bill Swaney

"YBBA has been wonderful for teaching my kids self confidence and honest sportsmanship." - Michelle Houghton

"Attending classes at YBBA has made my daughters and I stronger.  We appreciated our core strength this summer when overnight hiking with packs.  I have no doubt that trip was easier due to our workouts at YBBA." - Mary McQuillen

"Training at Yordan's Black Belt academy has brought my children and I closer together within the ideals of community, synergy and becoming the best versions of ourselves." - Chris Jarvis

"I signed my son up for Tae Kwon Do for the benefit of the structure and disciple it provides. When inquiring of other martial arts students in my area of where to go, the name I heard from everyone was Yordan's. There is so much positive energy from Master Yordan and the black belts who assist in teaching his classes that it wasn't long before I started taking classes myself.  I absolutely love it. Being a student at Yordan's is like being part of a family." - Nicole Yandow

"My child stands up so proud knowing he has achieved greatness. The look on my son's face when he received yellow stripe today was pure joy." - Lindsey Rickert

"YBBA taught me right from wrong at a young age, confidence when I was going through adolescence and gave me the inspiration and perseverance I needed when going forward to achieve my goals." - Robyn Armstrong

"Finally, a sport that focuses on true personal growth and not ‘winning'.  Master Yordan helps each child strive for personal achievement and measures success by focus and application of knowledge, not how high they kick or the number of push ups completed." YBBA challenges my son and I to find our inner strength and rise above any self-perceived limitations." - Mary Beth Gilliam