YBBA School Rules

Yordan’s Black Belt Academy Do-jang rules

  1. Students must bow upon entering and leaving the do-jang.
  2. No street shoes will be allowed to be worn in class. If you are wearing shoes, they must be clean, white, sneakers or martial arts shoes. Please see Master Yordan for approval.
  3. No talking while in line and instructions are being given.
  4. No student will excuse him/herself from class without first obtaining permission from the instructor.  Kids - for bathroom emergencies, just bow and go!
  5. Parents of younger students, please assist your child if they need help with the bathroom and encourage them to please go before class.
  6. Parent's please refrain from giving instruction to your child from the sidelines. It is our responsibility and parental instruction only causes distractions and may force your child to miss vital instructions if they are listening to you and not the instructor.
  7. When asking a question of the black belts and instructors, the student must bow before asking and after as a show of courtesy and respect.
  8. No running in the do-jang unless it is part of an exercise.
  9. Student must keep their uniform clean at all times. It is only to be worn for class workouts, seminars, tournaments, or any function that is part of the school. It is not a Halloween costume or to be used for play.
  10. If you are ill, DO NOT ATTEND CLASS!
  11. Private classes are scheduled directly through Master Yordan. Outside private instruction without approval from Master Yordan is not permissible. Please see Master Yordan if you desire a private class.
  12. If a student forgets their belt at home but has their uniform, they may still work out in class. They however must line up in the last row as they are not officially wearing any rank.
  13. All students must have clean hands and feet and all finger and toe nails must be trimmed and neat. Long toe nails rip the kicking paddles and long nails in general are not safe to other students when performing partner drills.
  14. No jewelry or watches are to be worn during class for the safety of each other. Wedding bands or rings are permissible as long as they do not have any sharp edges. FitBit or Exercise Monitors are acceptable but you use them at your own risk. Please keep in mind that we practice self defense and for safety reasons would not want someone to be injured due to jewelry. Please check with Master Yordan for individual circumstances such as medic alert bracelets.
  15. All students will address black belts and instructors by title or by sir or ma’am.
  16. Sparring is not permissible for warm up with fellow students and all sparring is with permission or under supervision.
  17. All students must own approved protective gear. Please see Master Yordan for gear information and ordering forms.
  18. No student regardless of rank is allowed to teach another patterns or new techniques without prior approval from the instructor. Lower ranking students should never teach higher ranking students.
  19. No eating food or chewing of gum in class.
  20. When students are in formation and lined up for class, please do not cut through the lines. Please walk to the end and down the line when returning to your place.
  21. Students are encouraged to learn about and investigate the arts but it is not considered proper to enroll as a student under another instructor and another style of martial art at another school.
  22. Students are allowed to visit other schools if they have a friend or family member enrolled in another school but must speak with Master Yordan prior to the visit.
  23. Never, ever ask when your next promotion will be. Promotions are at the discretion of Master Yordan based on class attendance, work ethic in and out of the do-jang, and are only available to current and active members.
  24. No public displays of affection are allowed in the do-jang.
  25. Parents that are not actively training students must at all times remain OFF the floor. If a young student needs parental attention, we will escort them to you. Do not come on the training floor to help your child with their training or attention. The instructors job is to take care of this. This is also how younger instructors learn to teach and motivate. Parental involvement negates these opportunities even if you think you are being helpful.
  26. Signing in for attendance - if your membership is expired you will not be able to sign in. Please make sure your membership does not lapse. If you are unable to sign in due to forgetting your card, we will not sign you in for attendance and you will not get credit for class that evening. We have too many students to track and it is the sole responsibility of the student. This is why we use the tracking software.
  27. Conduct unbecoming outside the do-jang may result in suspension from Yordan's Black Belt Academy. Please see Master Yordan regarding these issues and what constitutes "Conduct Unbecoming".

Any student who is in excessive violation of the rules will result in a possible suspension from YBBA and if severe enough may not be allowed to train at our school. Please take pride in our school and follow all of the rules at all times. Thank you for you continued effort. Work hard and be safe.