Yordan's Black Belt Academy is a highly acclaimed Taekwondo academy in northern Vermont.

Our Mission

As our motto states, "We train to rise above ourselves, not to rise above other people." We thrive on positive attitudes and train to develop confidence, strength, integrity, self-control and build a stronger self image. We welcome all ages and skill levels. We provide traditional martial arts lessons combined with a new school dynamic teaching atmosphere that maximizes learning.

I learned so much at YBBA, but more importantly I was surrounded by a group of people that filled me with so much self-confidence. They are like a family to me.
— Emily McCracken


  • Excellent student-to-teacher ratio
  • A strong focus on self-confidence
  • Dedication to self-defense
  • A family atmosphere
  • Valuable life skills
  • All ages are welcome
  • Private classes available
  • Corporate wellness seminars
  • Self defense seminars
  • P.E. and Artist in Residency Programs